Ship's Store

This is a feature that we added to make various items available to you, such as boats from our collection that we are selling, boat plans, boatbuilding books, hard-to-find boat-building tools and perhaps some products 'on consignment'. These may include items created by volunteers such as wooden cleats and blocks, mast hoops, half models and ,who knows, maybe some traditional eel pots like those Sam Newey used to build. Stay tuned! Get involved!

Our first offering is a reprint of a chapter that was written by Watkins and Muller for a book on ice boating published in 1913 (below). It gives a materials list and instructions on how to build a scooter of that era. (We are using this booklet as our 'instructional manual' for our 'Building the Watkins Ice Scooter' course.) $5.00


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