Boatbuilding Courses

Building a Solar-Electric Launch

Project Coordinator: Steve Gould
Ongoing Project
(participants may join the project at any time)
Saturdays 9-Noon (Ongoing)
Tuition: $75. per 'team' (2 persons)

In this class we continue construction of our Eco-Tour 24 Solar-Electric Launch. This boat was specifically designed for CRMC, by students at Webb Institute of Naval Architecture to enable us to offer ‘eco-tours’ on Carmans River. This is a long-term project that began in the fall of 2012 with the setting up the molds to form the hull. This was followed by planking, using the strip-plank method, which continued through 2013 and was com-pleted in 2014. Coating the hull with epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth followed as well as final fairing and painting of the hull. Subsequent work will involve turning the hull over to construct the interior, Installation of systems, finishing and launching, and test trials. Come get involved in this exciting ‘green’ project!

Pictured below is a computer rendering of our Eco-Tour 24, designed as a senior thesis project by three students at Webb Institute of Naval Architecture in Glenn Cove.

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