Elvira Progress:
Work continues on the refurbishment of the Center’s 1906 Gil Smith ‘P Class’ sloop, Elvira. With funds from a grant funded by Caithness Energy, the Trustees were again able to hire professional boat builders Ricardo Vicente and Josh Herman. They, with the dedicated volunteer help of Trustee Elliott Pepper, built a new centerboard trunk, replaced the stem and installed a new deck, deck braces and floor timbers on Elvira, as well as scarfing together material for new toe rails.

Much work remains; refinishing the interior of the hull and faring and painting the exterior, installing the coming, toe rails, floorboards and seats, building a new rudder, rudder post, tiller bowsprit, boom, gaff and jib club, etc., etc. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Call or email us for your opportunities.

Elvira Restoration: Click here to read about Elvira's history.

Ricardo Vicente, Josh Herman and Elliott Pepper preparing Elvira’s
new deck for canvassing.

Elvira Restoration Continues